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The "Think God Campaign" was instituted in November of 2004 by Pastor Osborn of the Living Bread Fellowship, Sterling, Illinois, on the right and Pastor Beasley of Turning point Church, Dixon, Illinois. The purpose was to help turn the community focus toward God, Jesus Christ and Biblical truth. This was in response to the latest census showing a 80% divorce rate in Whiteside County, Illinois. Also a high teen pregnancy rate, rise in STD's, growing gang activity and drug related problems prevail. The need for Jesus is great!


The campaign started by printing a poster size ad in the local newspaper just before the 2004 Thanksgiving holiday that read "Thank the Lord". Another ad was published before Christmas that stated "Receive God's Gift - Jesus" and then a third ad was published before Easter saying "Remember Jesus". An appeal was made with each ad for the Christian to cut out the poster and display it in their window during the holiday. The purpose was to spread the message, make the Christian community more visable and open up opportunities to talk about God.

Jesus billboard.jpg

The campaign also established this website, that will hopefully encourage and point readers to other edifying Christian sites. Also, the Easter "Remember Jesus" poster ad was expanded to a full page and supported by ten additional community churches. Five billboards have been put up in the Sterling - Rock Falls area with more scheduled. The 2005 'Jesus in July-August' yard sign campaign had 450+ signs displayed across the Valley with seventeen churches participating. The yard signs also received front page media coverage in the local newspaper. The 2006 Yard Sign campaign saw an additional 425 signs distrubuted across Northwestern Illinois. Also, 'Postcards from Jesus' billboards have been put up around the area and smaller newspaper ads. The Lord is surely blessing and the campaign continues to move forward!


One morning, after the Thanksgiving poster ad came out, the Lord encouraged Pastor Osborn by giving him the following scripture:


Psalms 60:4-5 "Thou hast given a banner to them that fear thee, that it may be displayed because of the truth. Selah. That thy beloved may be delivered: save by thy right hand, and hear me".


Certainly we are in a moral and cultural struggle for our communities and nation. The Christian community must stand up and become more visable. We have the way, the truth and the life - Jesus Christ! We have the spirit of truth - the Holy Spirit! We have the truth - the Bible! We have what has made this country great and free - faith in God and his son Jesus, the Savior! Let us proclaim it boldly!